Israeli Tour Guide - Nehama Shofer

My name is Nehama. I am a private tour guide (government licensed and experienced), with extra specialization in Christianity, Islam, Judaism and bird watching. I would be happy to show you our beautiful Holy Land.

In my tours, I can review topics such as Religions, the Bible and New Testimony, History, Archaeology, and modern Israel – the exciting sites, the lifestyle, and all the colors.  All will be according to your preferences.


The tours are private, in a luxury vehicle (licensed tourism vehicles). 


In my office is a team of well-experienced and licensed tour guides. Tours are available in a variety of languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Russian, and more.


Organized Bar/Bat Mitzvah ceremonies at the Western Wall are available. 


From pick up, to the drop off, our professional, and yet personal, warm and friendly service will make sure that your stay in Israel will be exquisite and memorable!


Hundreds of tourists can not be wrong! Visit my "References" page and click on the TripAdvisor/ Facebook logo on top.

Hereby are some of our most popular tours. Contact us to receive an offer.



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